New visitor [Eve + Sergio RP]


“All at the same time huh? Now I’m really glad I took all this crap with me.” He cricked his neck and started to follow the girl, while holding his brush gun over his shoulder. “So other than Enclave, what are some of the other things we need to watch out for? I know there are a few super mutants and raiders about, they were the first to welcome me here.”

He stopped for a second. “Oh wait, if we’re traveling together we should at least know what to call each other, hm? What’s your name?”

Eve turned her head slightly as she began to explain. “Super Mutants and Raiders pretty much sum up a good bit here in DC. Near the northeast, there’s a big Deathclaw nest out of a pre-war town called Ole Olney. In the west, near Little Lamplight and the remains of Vault 86, you’ll find Yao Guai and a good bit of hostile robots. The robots, Feral Ghouls, and Radscorpions pop up almost everywhere, along with the Talon mercs that are left. And yes, the mercs are out for my blood too so we’ll be fighting them often.

All in all, it’s pretty tame compared to how it was a few years ago. Used to have gigantic Super Mutant Behemoths that would barely die from mini nukes and fire-breathing giant ants.”

After his next question, she looked a little surprised. “Oh! Sorry about that. I’m Eve, used to be a Vaultie before they kicked me out—long story. What about you?”


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