New visitor [Eve + Sergio RP]


The man thought for a bit, trying to remember what else he had encountered thus far. “I think I know the Talon mercs, those guys in the jet black combat armor; Ran into a group of them as they slaughtered a caravan, fucking scum.” He spits in the dirt, as if merely talking about them leaves him with a foul taste in his mouth.

“Oh right, me. Sorry about that, almost forgot what you said.” He chuckled a bit. “So you’re really a vault dweller? I was under the impression that all the vaults had opened at least a hundred years ago, now I’ve seen everything. My name’s Sergio, don’t think it’s my given name but it’s what I go by now; what I can remember will give you a somewhat long story at least.”

“From what I know, our Vault was the last to open. Wasn’t always closed all those years, but they only scouted every once in a while. A few people either got killed or stayed out here, so they closed it as soon as my dad and I showed up.” She shrugged.

“Sergio, huh? Well, it’s nice to meet you—granted our first impressions weren’t exactly positive. And I’d like to hear the story when you’re comfortable to tell it. I can tell mine, but you’re probably going to end up hearing it from someone else if you haven’t already.” The Vault girl seemed a little bit annoyed to say that. “Or have you not heard the local radio broadcast?”


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    “Heh, good point. I doubt they’d have spoken very highly of me, anyway.” The girl shrugged again at the thought of that...